What to expect when you book an appointment at Barstow Massage and Bodywork!


If it is your first time having a massage, you may be wondering what to expect. We've taken the time to explain, step by step what you can expect during a typical treatment.


Please be mindful of your hygiene when coming in for your massage. Strong perfumes, colognes, body sprays, and cigarette smoke will linger within the room, and irritate other clients or therapist's with sensitivities to these fragrances. 


Also, taking drugs-prescription or otherwise, as well as alcohol will impact your perception greatly. Please contact us before your session to find out if your medication will negatively impact your massage experience.

When you arrive for your massage, we will discuss any and all information reported on your health history form. Please report any and every condition regardless of how insignificant you may think they are. The more your massage therapist knows, the better they will be able to treat you. 


Next, your massage therapist will tell you how your massage will be conducted. Your massage therapist will go through the parts of the body that will be worked or not worked on. Your massage therapist will tell you that to reap maximum benefit from the massage, the removal of all clothing would be best. However, you are in complete control of your treatment, and you may undress as far as you feel comfortable. Your massage therapist will leave the room before you undress. Once you are undressed, you will lay on the table and cover yourself completely with the sheet and blanket. 


Your massage therapist will knock before entering, wait, and listen for your invitation to re-enter the room. "Ready" and "All set!" are some examples. 


Then your massage will be performed exactly the way that you discussed with your massage therapist. If during the treatment, you'd like to change something, all you have to do is ask! If you are uncomfortable with the pressure your massage therapist is using, PLEASE speak up! Otherwise you are doing yourself as well as us, a major disservice. It is never rude or wimpy to report that you'd like us to increase or decrease our pressure. When your session is finished, you will be instructed to take your time getting up, and to come out when you are ready. Your massage therapist will leave the room for you to dress.  


We pride ourselves on a clean, comfortable, and professional environment. If your experience is otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.