Whether you have chronic pain, or you just need to relax..most likely, both,  We will customize a treatment just for you! Regardless of age, injury or ailment, your health is important! The sooner you incorporate relaxation, activity and recovery into your health care routine, you will not be able to return to the life you lived prior. Each client is carefully evaluated so that the very best treatment plan is suggested to address your specific needs.  We will also work with your physician to make sure that any unique conditions are closely monitored. Through regular massage, we can promote the health of your muscles, decrease recovery times, manage chronic pain symptoms and recommend stretching and relaxation techniques to help you manage your health, outside of our office.


The best of the worlds relaxation techniques,  Swedish massage consists of light to medium pressure strokes, to lull the body into a function very close to sleep. In this state, the body is given the perfect opportunity to melt down any tension, and trigger the body's reparation response.   $85/hour, $40/half hour

Deep Tissue      

Deep Tissue massage is a therapy meant primarily for pain relief. Deep tissue massage targets your trouble spots by using deep, specific techniques to release seized musculature. Deep Tissue massage should never be painful, which is why we are in constant communication about pressure.     *Naturally, there are different levels of pain; we like to be in the zone of a 'good hurt'. The Good hurt is a tolerable amount of pressure, that encourages your body to relax. If it any time you find yourself flinching, resisting, or clenching your hands, you must tell your therapist to ease up. When your body flinches, it is resisting the treatment, and the stroke is no longer beneficial. That being said, if you've ever had a bad experience, we would be honored to listen to your story and try again. We have had many clients who have been in automobile accidents, horseback riding accidents, falls, broken bones, and surgeries that have suffered through years of chronic pain, who've experienced tremendous relief from deep tissue therapy. Repairing trauma doesn't happen over night, but in time we can give you long term relief!   $110/90 Minute $85/hour, $40/ half hour**

Myofascial Release Massage

Fascial tissue is a white membrane which wraps all muscles, muscle fascicles, and even every muscle fiber. 40% of a muscle's total weight is fascial tissue! Modern medical science, however, has largely ignored fascial tissue in the body, not understanding (or at least appreciating) the important role it plays in bodily health.


It serves many functions,  however, its function as a lubricant is most important. It allows everything it wraps, from muscles to muscles fibers, to slide over whatever is next to it, effortlessly. Does your movement feel effortless? Over time, however, for reasons of physical and emotional trauma, habitual movement patterns, disease, and the desiccation of tissue that can accompany the aging process, fascial tissue can get hard, rigid, short, gluey, and inelastic.


In short, fascial tissue will change from a lubricant to an adhesive. This binding up of fascial tissue causes holding patterns; a great deal of what the people experience as stress, tension, and pain, and loss of ease and range of motion.These techniques are designed to lengthen, stretch, and soften tissue. Each session will be 90 minutes long.   $110/90Minute** 



Note sure what you need? That's ok too! We have the knowledge and skills to determine which massage is the best fit for each cilent.


Most importantly, any one of these bodywork services will give you the time out of your day for peace and quiet. Time to reconnect the mind and body for optimal performance everywhere else in your life! You will find comfort and deep relaxation in the warm, skilled hands at 

Barstow Massage and Bodywork.